Additional Inscriptions, Renovations and safety work Memorials

If you already have a family memorial and need to add a further inscription to it, we are able to provide a no-obligation quote for this. Generally we will have to visit the memorial in order to assess its current condition and letter type. If however you are able to provide an image via email, we may be able to provide a quote from this. We are also able to clean and restore, re-fix memorials where required and will give you a breakdown of all costs within the quotation, so you can choose what you wish to have done.

Our customers are usually amazed at the results that can be achieved, more often than not returning the memorial to a condition similar to when it was first placed.

In some instances the memorial will have been deemed unsafe by the burial authority, and either laid down or fixed with temporary supports. In most cases all that is required is the fitting of new stainless steel dowels, with a new foundation and ground anchor system. If this is the case we can also quote to return the memorial to it intended position by fixing it to meet the current BS8415 safety legislation. Please contact us for more details or to obtain a quote on 0845 226 0117.

Please see below some examples of restored memorials.